Sunday, August 21, 2011


Many who attend A.A. meetings reject them because of the God language. 

A.A. has several ways around this problem. "The ONLY requirement for membership is a desire to stop drinking" the A.A. Preamble states, NOT a belief in God.  (Note: Not even a pledge to stop drinking, simply a desire.)

"Came to believe that a power greater than ourselves could relive our alcoholism" is the language of A.A. second "step".  Many AA's put it this way:  You don't have to believe in God.  You just have to believe there is a power greater than yourself. PERIOD.

Now if the persistent use of the word "God" in A.A. continues to bother you, A.A. has another way around this problem ---Three  G.O.D.Acronyms:

                                      Good Orderly Direction

                                      Gift Of Desperation

                                      Group Of Drunks

Simply substitute any or all of these for the word "God" every time it is used in A.A.

No more is required.

Another acronym is E.G.O.  (Easing God Out)
Simply substitute one of the God acronyms for the G-word in E.G.O. and it makes perfect sense. Easing  out of your life the group of drunks, the gift of desperation, or the good orderly direction of the A.A. Program is a return to the emotional isolation and egocentricity which leads to a drink.

As the Old Timers used to say when the God issue came up "Don't join the debating society."

Make your own personal adjustment. 



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